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Posted by webmaster Guido on September 06, 2003

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: Note: The results of the math shows up on the screen in the console mode but how would one print out the results? In this case for example how could the Sin and Cos of the Angle D be used or printed out with a Dos-Box.

: What is a Dos-Box?

A DOS-box *is* the Windows "console mode", also called "DOS-prompt". Thus, if "the results of the math show up on the screen in the console mode", that *is* already a DOS-box.

Printing in Delphi from a console application is done the same way as printing from a regular Delphi GUI (graphical user interface) application. But it might be difficult to make it run, because you have to figure out yourself which Delphi units have to be included in the USES-directive on top of the program.

Anyhow, what is the advantage of writing a console application, when we have the sophisticated RAD-tool called Delphi? :)

A DOS-box is a simulation of the old MS-DOS, the pre-Windows operating system of Microsoft. Earlier versions of Windows were only a graphical "shell" around this DOS, so you could jump from Windows to DOS and vice versa. Newer Windows versions are not build upon MS-DOS anymore, so in order to run old MS-DOS-applications, you can simulate this environment with what is called the "DOS-prompt", aka "DOS-box", aka "console mode".

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