Re: Delphi Console Application Output to DOS-Box

Posted by Lionel on September 06, 2003

In Reply to: Console Application Output to a DOS-Box posted by Lionel p12219 on August 30, 2003

: In an earlier post (June 25, 2003)you mentioned that I might want to develop a Delphi "console" application, that outputs to a DOS-Box. I am now trying to work through the same type problem except this time I am using the "Console Mode" ----- I know how to set up a application in the console mode but have not found out how to put the output to a DOS-Box like you mentioned earlier. I have tried to find a small example of a DOS-BOX but no luck at this point. I would appreciate a simple example using the following code:

: Program pause01;


: uses
: SysUtils, Windows, Math;

: ...and so on, see previous message

Note: The results of the math shows up on the screen in the console mode but how would one print out the results? In this case for example how could the Sin and Cos of the Angle D be used or printed out with a Dos-Box.

What is a Dos-Box?

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