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Posted by webmaster Guido on July 16, 2003

In Reply to: Using 3rd Party components... `Class not found...` posted by p12334 Alex diNorcia on July 14, 2003

: Im not sure how to add/use 3rd party components, can you please let me know what the steps are for using a new component?

: in this example: TAudioMixer v.1.6 By Vit Kovalcik (i have already emailed him, but i'm sure that the proceedure is the same for most components)

: --i'm running win98 and have delphi professional version 4.0

: i downloaded amixer.zip to a local directory (D:\files\delphi\AMixer)
: i extracted the files to that same directory
: i opened the example project AMExample.dpr from (D:\files\delphi\AMixer\Example)

: when i try to open Unit1.pas i get the pop up window error:
"Error Reading Form", "Class TAudioMixer not found...."
: can you please let me know what i should do to properly use this (or other) components?


Before compiling the AMexample.dpr, you have to install the component TAudioMixer. Using the example that you give, proceed as follows for Delphi 4:

1. Start Delphi.
2. Close all files.
3. In the Delphi menu, select Component / Install component
4. Select the page "Into new package".
5. Fill in the fields of the dialog box:
- Unit file name: click BROWSE and navigate to d:\files\delphi\Amixer\AMixer.pas
- Package name: any name, for example "audiomixer"
- Package description: any text
6. Click OK.
7. When you get a dialog "Package audiomixer.bpl will be built then installed. Continue?", click YES.
8. Finally, an info message will tell you that the new component was added. Now, close all files.

If all went well, then you will see the new component in Delphi's Component Palette.


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