Using 3rd Party components in Delphi... `Class not found...`

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Posted by p12334 Alex diNorcia on July 14, 2003 at 17:44:55:

Im not sure how to add/use 3rd party components, can you please let me know what the steps are for using a new component?

in this example: TAudioMixer v.1.6 By Vit Kovalcik (i have already emailed him, but i'm sure that the proceedure is the same for most components)

--i'm running win98 and have delphi professional version 4.0

i downloaded to a local directory (D:\files\delphi\AMixer)
i extracted the files to that same directory
i opened the example project AMExample.dpr from (D:\files\delphi\AMixer\Example)

when i try to open Unit1.pas i get the pop up window error:
"Error Reading Form", "Class TAudioMixer not found...." , [Ignore] [Cancel] [Ignore All]

can you please let me know what i should do to properly use this (or other) components?

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