Rave Reports

Posted by RussCAp12602 on April 14, 2008

Are there any Rave Reports users/experts hanging about?

I downloaded the Rave Reports demo program and tried it in Delphi 2007. It works.

However, there are some problems:

1. The Rave components used do not use the Windows Text color. Bad choice, Rave. Try using High Contrast Black Theme and run the .exe to see what happens.

2. The bitmap imported to the report appears in very much smaller size on the printed output than it does on the preview screen.

3. Is there a way to import other than .BMP files? If not, this is a severe limitation.

4. How does one set up different properties for the Preview vs Print choices? When do I get the chance?

5. How do I tell Rave to save a .RTF file?

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