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DelphiLand Intro DelphiLand offers Delphi Tutorials, Tips, Source code and a lively Forum.  
Crash Course Delphi Crash Course Delphi for beginners and for intermediate level Delphi programmers.
Delphi Forum Delphi Forum with many thousands of posts. Questions of DClub members are answered promptly by our team. Also guests can read/write in the Forum.
Delphi Tips: IDE, VCL, General,... In our Tips section, we present real tips, not just some cliché copies of excerpts from the Delphi Help-files.
Source Code and Mini Tutorial Projects The Code Snips section contains useful pieces of Delphi source code, fully commented. Our "Tutorial Projects" are more in-depth articles, matched with complete source code.
Reference and Resources Starting with a list of "forbidden words" (that you should avoid as identifiers), and so on... This new section will expand soon.
Downloads and Delphi Books Reviews From our Downloads section you get the source code for our tutorials, libraries, Delphi freeware & shareware components, utilities,...
Links to Delphi Resources The best links to other Delphi sites.
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• Just wanna say thanks to every1 here. I have just got an A in my A-level computing project with the help from the users of the Q&A Forum, especialy webmaster guido :) I also found the lessons to be extremely useful, hope you keep up the good work. -- Ste D., Manchester, England

• Very enjoyable and easy to read. I'm completely new to programming, so have started at lesson one. You make it seem so easy. -- Alyson F., Surrey, UK

• Expert service provided by Guido, excellent response times, too. A real help! -- Stefan L., Belgium

• I've been searching for Delphi tutorials for days and it seems that I have found the right place, at last. Very intuitive site and the tutorials seem to be going to the point, without the senseless blabla I have found in other sites. Good Job! -- Eric K., Montreal

• After the SUPERBUS answer from Guido on my previous message (Text Search in TWebBrowser) I'm here again for another miracle from you. -- Giovanni C., Torino, Italy

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