Re: Undeclared identifier

Posted by Newb p15701 on February 07, 2008

In Reply to Re: Undeclared identifier: ShellExecute posted by Jenny, DelphiLand Team on February 06, 2008

: This error message means that Delphi doesn't find the declaration of ShellExecute.
: ShellExecute is declared in the unit SHELLAPI. You have to add SHELLAPI to a "uses" clause in the unit where you use ShellExecute.
: E.g. if the "uses" clause near the top of the interface section of your unit reads:
: uses Windows, Messages, ..., Dialogs;
: then modify it as follows:
: uses Windows, Messages, ..., Dialogs, SHELLAPI;


In order to avoid such problems in the future: is there somewhere a list of built-in Delphi routines (functions and procedures) versus the units where they are declared? Would be very helpfull! :)

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