Re: Undeclared identifier: ShellExecute

Posted by Jenny, DelphiLand Team on February 06, 2008

In Reply to Re: Show contents of folder posted by Newb on February 05, 2008

: Hi Jenny,

: It doesn't work :(
: I get an error from Turbo Delphi Explorer:
: E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ShellExecute'

: Maybe you used another edition of Delphi? Please help...

This error message means that Delphi doesn't find the declaration of ShellExecute.

ShellExecute is declared in the unit ShellAPI. You have to add ShellAPI to a "uses" clause in the unit where you use ShellExecute.

E.g. if the "uses" clause near the top of the interface section of your unit reads:

  uses Windows, Messages, ..., Dialogs;

then modify it as follows:

  uses Windows, Messages, ..., Dialogs, ShellAPI;

Sorry, I was a bit too quick in answering your question.

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