Re: Infected file in Delphi 7 Personal?

Posted by John, DelphiLand Team

In Reply to Re: Infected file in Delphi 7 Personal? posted by Leslie

: I redownloaded the files and had the same problem with AVG 7.5 identifying stdvcl40.dll as infected with GENERIC2.FRY.
: However, I ran TrendMicro and Etrust online scanners on the archive as well as the extracted archive and they did not report a virus.
: I also had Delphi 6 PE on my machine and its version of stdvcl40.dll was not a problem.
: Leslie

I'm sure that it's a false alarm from AVG.

Before placing the Delphi 7 Personal package on our server, we had of course scanned it for virusses. In order to be sure, I've just scanned all the files again with the anti-virus programs from McAfee and Symantec, and stdvcl40.dll was NOT flagged as being infected.

Thanks for your feedback!
John, DelphiLand Team

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