Re: Problem with accelerator keys in D7 and WinXP

Posted by Lionel on June 01, 2005

In Reply to: Re: To Lionel: CSV database with Delphi posted by Lionel on May 27, 2005

After working through the code and setting up the accelerator keys &New, &Load, &Save I noticed that when I compiled the application the underline did not show up so I started looking to see what was causing this and found out that it is a Delphi 7 and WinXP thing.

A guy named Derek provided a solution for a fix that should be of interest to others having the same problem. The following is what he had found and I tried it and it worked for me and I am passing it on for others with the same problem.

Right click on the WinXP desktop, then click on "Apperance" tab.
Then click on the "Effects" button. There is a checkbox called: "Hide underlined letters for keyboard letters for keyboard navigation until I press the Alt key".
Remove the check.

This deselecting should do the trick.