Re: To Lionel: CSV database

Posted by Lionel on May 16, 2005

In Reply to: To Lionel: CSV database posted by webmaster Guido on May 16, 2005

: Hi Lionel,

: The next article in our CSV series has just been added for sneak preview:


: Regards,
: Guido

Thanks Guido,

I have looked and looked trying to find out more about handeling a CSV database. ---- Lessons 14 and 15 are well written and are moving me along on a path that is looking good. --- Im I wrong or is this a well kept secret? --- I find comercial CSV databases on the net but no information on how to build one so I appreciate your "Crash Course Delphi Lessons 14 and 15 " very much.
Thanks again for this Delphi Site,

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