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: I am working on an Delphi application that performs some computations and displays the results in a ListBox.
: ... but do not know how to Save the Results to a folder on a disk or hard drive or Save the File As something other than text or Open the File once it is saved.

Saving the results in a text file is simple, as you've probably found out already. Because you have them in a ListBox, you can use:

Saving other data then text, requires that you use some form of database:

1. Use a desktop database that is supported by Delphi, such as Paradox or dBase. For this, you need a Delphi version with the database components: D4 Pro and higher, D5 Pro, D6 Pro,...
In that case, it's very simple and we can guide you throught the process :)

2. If you don't have the database stuff in your version of Delphi, you have to create a simple database system of your own, based on text files.
Before writing data, all your data values are converted to text, "fields" are separated separated by a special character, and each "record" is on a separate line of the text-file. Example with semicolon ; as separator:

and so on...

When reading back, you split up each line into strings and convert these strings to their original format (numbers, dates,...)

Which way do you want to go?

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