delphi5 & winnt 4.0

Posted by p12114 abobby on June 21, 2001

I recently wrote a module as part of a large program in delphi 5.0, on a windows 98 machine. When running the module in 1 portion (clicking a button to run a report crystal 8.0) on an winnt 4.0 machine I get an access violation error. This is the .exe on the nt machine, as it does not have delphi 5.0 installed on it.

Why would the exe work fine on all win 98 machines and not on a nt machine?

thank you

Re: webmaster Guido on June 21, 2001

Compatibility problems have been reported with Delphi 4 and Delphi 5 on Windows 2000. When asked about this, Inprise said that neither D4 nor D5 were guaranteed to work under Win2000, because both products were released before Win2000. That doesn't mean that all D4 and D5 apps have problems with Win2000, but some combinations could result in errors, especially when working with the BDE (Borland Database Engine).

One of my customers had to switch back to Win98, because my database application did not run on his Win2000 systems.

It's possible that some apps also give problems with NT4 , when using the BDE, but I'm not sure... You should check at Borland's site to know the latest status on this.

Maybe only upgrading to Delphi 6 will help? (but before taking this step, check what Borland says about D6 compatibility issues).