Start a program at windows startup

Posted by Johan *DClub* on April 30, 2005

How can I launch a program with Delphi, each time that Windows starts?

I know that I can put a shortcut in the Startup folder of the Start menu, but I want to do this from my Delphi program.
And if possible, how to start it only ONCE, so only on the "next" Windows startup?


Reply by webmaster Guido on April 30, 2005

Have a look in DelphiLand's section "Code Snips" under "Mini Tutorial Projects".
The tutorial "Launch an application at Windows Startup" is just what you need :)

Reply by Johan P14205 on May 03, 2005

Thanks, that's what I was looking for!

I understand that Windows removes the RunOnce items automatically after launching them on startup. But what about the programs set to run on every Windows start? It's a bit difficult (and dangerous I you make a mistake) to remove them "by hand" with RegEdit, once they are not needed anymore...

You would make me very happy ;) with some Delphi code to safely remove these "run every startup" entries :)

Reply by webmaster Guido on May 05, 2005

Shame on us ;) our previous article was not complete without also telling you how to remove the keys that you don't need anymore.

We've added some code: have a look at our new mini-tutorial "Remove an entry from a Registry key" in DelphiLand's section "Code Snips".

Greetings, Guido
DelphiLand Team