External ref. to checkbox defined in initial unit

Posted by Bert Visscher on April 24, 2005

I started a project with a unit called UCSUnit, which includes a form. On this form I created 9 checkboxes, one of which is called UpFTM. As the code in my initial UCSUnit grew, I felt it was necessary to add an extra unit. I named this unit xf. It is mainly intended to house 'external functions', and I thought I would need to reference it quite often in UCSUnit (that's why I kept the name this short).

In xf I now need to write something like this:

procedure DOFS(var Here: Integer);
if LayerOK(Here, 'u') then...

After the "then", I need to incorporate UpFTM (a checkbox I need to clear). The problem is that I can't seem to do it, so that Delphi doesn't see UpFTM as an "undeclared identifier."

I'm not sure if you need to know the following, but just in case:

- The checkboxes are inside a groupbox named DOFgb.
- I'm using Delphi 4. Old...I know. ;)
- To add xf, I just did File -> New -> Unit, and saved the unit as xf.

Hoping to hear from you.

Regards, Bert Visscher.

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