Re: Disable dragging / resizing Delphi form

Posted by Johan on April 18, 2005

In Reply to: Disable dragging / resizing Delphi form posted by Maxwell on April 18, 2005

Disable dragging and resizing the Delphi form by temporarily changing its BorderStyle to bsNone :)

procedure Form1.DoTheLoop;
SavedBorderStyle: TFormBorderStyle;
SavedBorderStyle := BorderStyle;
BorderStyle := bsNone;
// Do loop
// ...
BorderStyle := SavedBorderStyle;

A tip to improve the appearance of the form when Borderstyle is set to bsNone.

Drop a TShape on the form, set the property Align to alClient and set Brush.Style to bsClear.

Now, when the form's BorderStyle is set to bsNone at runtime, you will still see a thin borderline -- the border of the TShape!