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Posted by Rakshasa on April 16, 2005

I'm trying to use several different codecs in a program of mine that compresses and decompresses audio. I'm using a third party component, but I'm modifying the source in an attempt to make it use different codecs. The part that defines the save format goes like this:

with origformat^ do 
  wformattag := 1; //pcm 22 (radiokwaliteit)
  nchannels := 1;
  nsamplespersec :=  44100; //22050;
  navgbytespersec := 44100; //22050;
  nblockalign := 1;
  wbitspersample := 8;
  cbsize := 0;
  f.format := origformat^

The component already has support for GSM 6.10, PCM, and Lernout and Hauspie (Though I don't have the codecs installed to test the latter.) However I'd like to use mpeg layer 3 ($0055) and perhaps G.726 or another simmilar speech codec. I can't find any help on google and for settings like blockalign and cbsize, I can't find the correct values ANYWHERE!

Btw: I'm doing this for an audio streaming project using a funny component called "Telefoon," if anybody has any ideas of how I could make the additional codecs work, or perhaps another way entirely of streaming audio over a network, I'd certainly like to know.

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