Re: Help on using this USB component

Posted by Caramia on April 05, 2005

In Reply to: Re: Help on using this USB component posted by webmaster Guido on April 05, 2005

First of all thanks for your 'immediatly' replay !!

Something is wrong ...
I executed all what you said:

1 I added in the interface: procedure Register;

    FWindowHandle: HWND;
    function USBRegister: Boolean;
    procedure Register;
    procedure WMDeviceChange(var Msg: TMessage); 

2 I added in the implementation section (the last procedure):

  if Assigned(r) then Result := True;

procedure Register;
  RegisterComponents('Samples', [TComponentUSB]);


3 I tried to install the component but an error occurred near the line in implementation section where i added 'procedure register'.
error is:

Unsatisfied forward or external declaration: 'TComponentUSB.Register'

Thanks again
Giovanni Caramia
For me it's ok to be notified on the change of events on USB port.
It's what i'm looking for.

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