Re: Have 5 Parameters Select any two to compute results

Posted by Lionel on March 25, 2005

In Reply to: Re: Have 5 Parameters Select any two to compute results posted by webmaster Guido on March 24, 2005

If only two of the edit-boxes contain text, then it's not so difficult to find out how to calculate the others. I'll come back to this in a next message tomorrow.

But... what do you want to happen if more then 2 edit boxes contain something? Should the program take the first two edits that contain something? Or should the program say: please, clear 3 boxes?

Another possible solution: put 5 check boxes next to the edit boxes. Now, the user must click 2 check boxes.
- if less than 2 are checked, the program looks if there are only 2 edits that are filled, and calculates the rest;
- in "non defined" states, show an error message (for example: more than 2 edits used and more or than 2 checkboxes checked).

Any other ideas, before we start with ideas for the coding?

A User will be given two values that were measured in the field and the rest have to be computed. -- Most of the time the Angle is measured and the Tangent distance is measured but sometimes someone will bring in a measured Chord and Tangent or a Radius and Angle and the rest of the parameters have to be computed but the User never knows which two values he will receive of the possible 5.

Therefore, it seems logical to set up the application with an Edit Box for each parameter and limit the parameter to an entry of two.
The Form would contain five Captions, five Edit Boxes, and one Calculate Button, and a ListBox to display all the computed values for the curve.
These are the only thoughts I have at this time.

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