Have 5 Parameters Select any two to compute results

Posted by Lionel Joyner P12219 on March 24, 2005

Working on a Delphi Application where I have 5 parameters and 5 Edit boxes. It takes any two parameters to compute the remaining Parameters.

Editbox1 = Angle
Editbox2 = Radius
Editbox3 = Tangent
Editbox4 = Arc
Editbox5 = Chord

If I enter (Angle) in Editbox1 and enter the (Chord) in Editbox5 then I can compute the (Radius), (Tangent), and (Arc).

I think this requirs a series of IF and ELSE statements but I have not been able to get organized on how to do this.

Anyone knowing how this could be setup I would appreciate the help.

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