Delphi4 installation

Posted by abi on May 28, 2001

I've got the Delphi4 setup CD for win98 which shows an error when i want to install in Windows Me.

Is there any possibility to update the setup file or so...

Re: webmaster Guido on May 28, 2001

There are no specific updates for D4 under WinMe, because WinMe was released much later than D4. But you can try the old D4 updates (see below).

However, it is possible that you have a problem with the video drivers. Just for testing, set up a very basic general video driver in Windows, 256 colors/ 640x480 resolution, and try to install Delphi.

If this solves the problem, have a look at the old D4 updates:

I faintly remember that update #2 or #3 had something to do with the video problem. Be careful with the updates: first install #2, then #3.
Also watch out for the correct version: Delphi Standard, Professional or Client/Server.