Re: Filtering a Delphi table

Posted by David S. on March 18, 2005

In Reply to: Filtering a Delphi table posted by Seriousfun on November 08, 2004

You have some incorrect syntax.

Should be:

Table1.Filter := 'Name=''' + Filter_Request.KeyValue + '''' ; 

This translates to:

'Name=''Joe Bloggs'''

Delphi replaces two single quotes in your code that are embedded in a string, by one single quote.
Thus, if you want to have 2 single quotes, write 4 single quotes in your code. And so on...

For example, if you want a label to display 'Hello'  with the single quotes included, you code it as:

Label1.Caption := ''Hello'';   //   '' stands for 2 SINGLE quotes, not 1 double quote like "