How to run an exe file through Delphi?

Posted by jon barlow on May 25, 2001

i need to run an exe file or application through delphi and i cant find the code

Re: webmaster Guido on May 24, 2001

Have a look in DelphiLand's Code Snips section. You'll find an article about this, together with the Delphi source code for an example project ;-)

Re: Dave McNeill on June 13, 2001

Well it's taken me an hour of searching Delphi help and the internet to find this little gem - how to run an external program from Delphi.
Those searching the net might strike this point a little sooner:
external program
run command
start dos executable
program file
command line
run program
dos interpreter

Re:Re: Luke Philpot on July 05, 2001

I have also been looking for this - HOORAY!!!

Re: Re: Paul Merkx on January 11, 2002

Thanks Dave,
I was looking for that function too :-)

Re:ReRe: Dave McNeill on August 16, 2001

Have the project installed, works well.

I'm starting a BAT file, to do some stuff, which it does nicely, but the DOS window won't close on exit. On any ordinary shortcut, I simply click the close window on exit tick box on the program tab.

I've tried reading as much on ShellExecute in the WinSDK as I can understand, but nothing. Tried setting cwe in section of inf\apps.inf, nothing. Tried the pif files dosprmpt and command in \windows, or properties of them, nope.

So, when you shellexecute, how do you convince windows to close the window on exit?

Re:Re: Dave McNeill on August 16, 2001

Ok, so I've found it, answered my own question.
This is arcane, but then this is Windows

Article Q152682

In Windows 95, the default behavior of the operating system is to keep the console window of an MS-DOS application open if it has displayed text in the window. This provides users with an opportunity to read any messages that may have been displayed in the window before the window is closed. To close a window in this state, you must click the close button (that is, "X") on the window caption or Close on the System menu.

In some instances, however, the user's needs may require that the console window close automatically. The solution is to programmatically remove all the displayed text of an MS-DOS application thereby allowing the console window to close automatically.

The displayed text of an MS-DOS application can be removed by adding the application to the following .bat file:

@echo off

Then launch this .bat file instead of the original application. The first line, @echo off, prevents .bat file commands from being displayed in the window. Once the MS-DOS application has completed, the cls command clears any text that may have been sent to the Console window. Thus, because no displayed text has been left in the Console window, the Console window closes after the .bat file has completed.

Could Guido add this snip to the readme for execwait?

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