Delphi console applications: ReadLn

Posted by Jenny on March 16, 2005

In Reply to: Re: stuck on my assignment (very beginner) posted by glenn on March 16, 2005:

: thanks for your help. I have done this code, but it doesnt seem to work :(

In a Delphi console application, ReadLn(V) waits for the user typing a string and ending it with the "ENTER" key. For V you can use a string variable, as in this example:

  T: string;
  // Program waits here until ENTER key
  // is pressed 
  // Do something with S :

BTW... you seem to have very little knowledge about the use of functions and variables... and Jenny is not going to give you a full course on Pascal and Delphi ;)

If you use DelphiLand's "Search" function for the keyword CONSOLE, you'll find more than 30 articles :)