Re: Pushing a character back

Posted by Joey p12386 on March 09, 2005

In Reply to: Re: Pushing a character back posted by webmaster Guido on March 08, 2005

: : Is it possible using the TextFile type to push a character back?

: : What i mean is after i have used Read(F, C) (C is a Char) can i move one place back? So the next character i read will be the value of C again.
: Positioning an open file "backwards" is done with Seek(F). However, Seek can not be used for text files, so we'll open the file as a "file of bytes".

: var
: F: File of byte;
: [... see previous message...]

Thanks Guido. I thought I would have to do it this way was just not sure... This is a great help.

Thanks ^__^

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