Posted by Antonio Ocava on May 02, 2001 at 01:03:59:

i recently acquired source code that defines a class. it seemed to be
written on just a .pas (unit) without the form. How could i access this new
class defined within that unit? Because everytime i do, it just says that
the class is not declared.

The unit goes like this:

unit extINIF;
  Windows, Messages, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,
  IniFiles, StdCtrls, FileCtrl, Menus,
  SysUtils, TabNotBK;
  EExtIniFError = class(Exception);
  TExtIniF = class(TIniFile)
    { Private-Deklarationen }
    {store all objects states before TExtIniF is destroyed}
    FAutoStore: boolean;
    {list of all registered objects}
    FRegObjects: TStringList;
    {Name of [section] where values are stored}
    FIniSection: string;
i have an existing application, how do i access the new class TExtINIF
within extINIF unit, to take advantage of the added features? In other words how do i use units or code saved only as .pas in my application? By the way, at
this point im not considering making a new component, because the
instruction specifically said that it couldm do without doing that.
Thanks very much

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