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Posted by James on April 10, 2001 at 00:09:08:

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I looked up "append" in the help section of the program, and heres what it said:

"procedure Append(var F: Text);
Call Append to ensure that a file is opened with write-only access with the file pointer positioned at the end of the file. F is a text file variable and must be associated with an external file using AssignFile"

So, just use Append instead of Writeln
Hope thats of some help

[ Note by the webmaster: Tony is not looking how to deal wit *text* files, but *typed* files. See my reply in the next message ]
: I am a programmer but I am new to delphi 4.
: I need to know how to read/write to a typed file.
: My project is to:-
: a. create a typed file and add several records to it.
: b. at a later date, retrieve a specific record and update it.
: I have only managed to create and add 1 record. every time i try to add a new record, it overwrites the first one.
: can anyone provide me with some code examples??
: thanks

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