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Posted by James on April 07, 2001 at 16:33:38:

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JC - I did do what you suggested, and although I do think that was a additional think that was wrong, I still get an error message when I compile.

It gets stuck right at the top of the Unit, on the line where Ive said:

function Returndist(cspeed: Double; fspeed: Double; area: Double; dragcoeff: Double; downfcoeff: Double; gripcoeff: Double; totcarweight: Double) : Double;

And comes up with the error message: "Unsatisfied forward or external declaration: 'TForm1.Returndist' "

I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what is wrong with this line, and how to fix it if possible.
Have I not got this line in the right place? (just under the procedure prototypes)

Thanks a lot


: Thanks :)

: Ill try that

: James

: : Try

: : ...
: : While (returndist(cspeed, fspeed, area, dragcoeff, downfcoeff, gripcoeff, totcarweight) > distance) do
: : ...

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