Delphi 4 DirectoryOutline usage

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Posted by mark on December 28, 2004 at 00:48:49:

i place the following components on a form:
a listbox
a DirectoryOutline
a label

in the listbox i place 3 letters, one on each line, as follows

i then write an OnClick handler for the ListBox to associate the selected letter from the listbox with the DirectoryOutline.Drive property, and an OnChange handler for the DirectoryOutline to update the label.caption with the currently selected directory.

However, the label caption does not get updated, although i can successfully select any drive from my listbox, and have the directoryoutline component show the different directories.

If i replace my own listbox with a drivecombobox there is no problem at all.

what am i doing wrong??

regards. mark

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