Re: TField; number of decimals

Posted by webmaster Guido on March 18, 2001:

In Reply to: TField; number of decimals posted by W. Gijse on March 16, 2001:

: For a euroconversion checklist, I want to filter all the float fields, with 2 decimals. How do I get the number of decimals defined in the .dbf and .db files?
: (Total more than 2000 files)
: Thanks!
Do you want to obtain the names and specifications of all the fields in your 2000 tables that contain numbers with a decimal fraction ("floating point numbers")? So, do you need a program that does something like this, in semi-code:

for each table of my_list_with_2000_tables
   for each field of the_table
     if the_field is float_field then

If this is what you want, I'll look up some stuff and I'll write a short article about it, because this might be interesting also for others.
Otherwise, please explain what you mean by "filter all the float fields" :)

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