Re: MP3 - EMCIDeviceError in Delphi

Posted by webmaster Guido on October 20, 2004

In Reply to: Playing MP3 in Delphi posted by Zojaji on October 15, 2004

: I want to play a mp3 file in delphi,
: I wrote :

: if OpenDialog1.Execute then
: begin
: MediaPlayer1.DeviceType:=dtAutoSelect;
: MediaPlayer1.FileName:=OpenDialog1.FileName;
: MediaPlayer1.Open;
: end;

: but it works with some computers and do not work with others and send a EMCIDeviceError message.
: This program works with some mp3 files on all computers but don't play a special mp3 file on some of them.
: All of computers that don't play this file are fast computers (with windows XP & 2000)
: This mp3 file (that don't play) spec. is:
: 16kbit, 27894 frames 11025Hz Mono

Possible reasons for a EMCIDeviceError:

1. It's known that mediaplayer has problems with *some* MP3 files, depending from the version of the mediaplayer that is installed on the machine. Try updating mediaplayer on the problem-machine(s).

2. Maybe the sound drivers just need updating

3. You also get an EMCIDeviceError if there is no soundcard, or the drivers are corrupted, or there are no drivers at all. But then it would not play any other MP3 files, so I just mention this to help out other Forum readers.

If all that doesn't help: it's the safest to rely on your own multimedia-component(s) or media-DLL's. Example: the BASS sound library, see: (free for non-commercial use).

webmaster Guido

Just to help us pinpoint the problem more precisely: what is the exact EMCIDeviceError message that is displayed?


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