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Posted by DelphiLand Team on October 18, 2004

In Reply to: Menu Designer posted by John p12400 on October 17, 2004

: Creating Main Menu and SubMenus. It worked fine then I do not know what happened but it now does not show the submenus. If you take the file menu from template design on the form you can see all the sub menu items but in the menu designer there is no submenu only the mainmenu file and it will not allow you to add any submenus only items on the main menu bar. Did I toggle something?

With which version of Delphi was this?

You could try the following tests to locate the problem:

1. Start a new project, add a MainMenu component to the form, and try to add submenus. Does that work?

2. If (1) works, then probably some file in your previous project was damaged or changed somehow. Now, recreate the problem-project, like you did before. Create it from zero, so don't copy any files from the old project, as to avoid any reference to the old files. Do you still have the same problem?

Jeff, DelphiLand Team

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