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Posted by Jeff on March 01, 2001 at 00:08:12:

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: How can I use Access 2000 with delphi 5 becouse Now I am working with Access 97 ?

Just to let you know, I am a beginner programmer. But anyway,
you can use ADO objects but I don't know anything about it.

I used the BDE Administrator and the ODBC administrator with Delphi 5 Professional. I created an ODBC DSN and then I created the Alias using BDE administrator. One of the properties for the Alias is ODBC DSN.

In my Delphi program I went to Data Access components.
1. TDatabase.
- Go to properties and fill in the Alias Name and Database Name.
2. TTable.
- Go to properties and fill in the Database name and then select the appropiate table. Make the database name the same for TDatabase and
TTable to avoid a login prompt.
3. TDataSource
- Go to properties and fill in the dataset with the TTable.

You don't need to use text boxes. Go to Data Controls and select DBGrid. Use DBGrid referencing the datasource.

1. new BDE Alias referencing and ODBC DS N.
2. TTable referenze to 1.
3. TDatasource referenze to 2.
4. component to show Data with referenze to 3 (DBGrid).

I also used Data Component -> TDatabase in order to avoid the login prompt.

You might want to check out the TQuery also.
It might help you out.

There are a couple more notes in the forum.
Under Accessing an Access 2000 database.