Re: dbGrid TAB key navigation problem

Posted by webmaster Guido on February 13, 2001

In Reply to: dbGrid TAB key navigation problem posted by p12084 Dave Grant on February 08, 2001

: I am using a dbGrid in Delphi 5. The grid contains 4 Clumns, 1 hidden. I am using the OnColEnter event of the grid to fill in an index value in the hidden column for filtering. My problem is that when I press the TAB Key, it moves from column to column as expected, but following the addition of the second row of data, it reverts back row 2, column 1, rather than inserting a new row and accepting data.

: If I tab through all the cells thereafter, it then will create the next row and allow data input throughout the row. Then it again reverts back to row 2 column 1 and I have to repeat the entire process.

I need some info on the table:
- how are the fields built: in the IDE at design time, by your code at run time?
- what are the field names and data types (string, float, integer,...)?
- on which field is it indexed? During the displaying of the table, do you change values of one or more index fields?
- how is the filtering done?
- all the events related to the table that your program acts upon and the code of the event handlers?
Can I see some code? If you don't want to post it in the Forum, just attach it to a personal e-mail to me.
If it's too difficult/ too confusing/ too whatever, to extract the code, maybe you can build a small quick-and-dirty one-form project with a similar table, zip it and send it to me.