dbGrid TAB key navigation problem

Posted by p12084 Dave Grant on February 08, 2001 at 18:27:12:

I am using a dbGrid in Delphi 5. The grid contains 4 Columns, 1
hidden. I am using the OnColEnter event of the grid to fill in an index
value in the hidden column for filtering. My problem is that when I
press the TAB Key, it moves from column to column as expected, but
following the addition of the second row of data, it reverts back row 2,
column 1, rather than inserting a new row and accepting data. If I tab
through all the cells thereafter, it then will create the next row and
allow data input throughout the row. Then it again reverts back to row
2 column 1 and I have to repeat the entire process.

Can you help??

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