Date formats

Posted by Tayloe Nickey

How can I get dates to appear in a DBGrid as mm/dd/yyyy? Currently, my date fields appear as mm/dd/yy, and with Y2K coming, I want to display 4 digit years. I have gone into the BDE admin program and changed the FOURDIGITYEAR variable to TRUE, but this has seemingly had no effect. The table I am using is a Paradox 7 table. I went into Paradox and changed the date format to mm/dd/yyyy and now it works fine. It displays the date field with a 4 digit year. Bu the exact same date field in the exact same table is still displayed with a 2 digit year in Delphi Grids.

Also, I want dates to appear in the DatePicker component as dd/mm/yyyy. I only know how to make it either dsShort (mm/dd/yy) or dsLong (December 1, 1999). I want it to be mm/dd/yyyy. HELP!!!!

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