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Posted by matt on July 28, 2004

In Reply to: read first character posted by matt on July 28, 2004

: ok easy i think but im stumped. i read from a text file. the number is 2323. it is displayed in label1.caption. now::::: i want to read the third character in 2323 would be 2. I can understand how to do it but it has to be text. i want to read numbers.
: var
: Initial : string;
: begin
: Name:= 'dd';
: Initial:=Name[1];
: showmessage (Initial);

: this works if label1.caption contains letters not numbers. how do i get the numbers to work.

'dd' would actually be Label1.Caption . I just put in 'dd' to see if it read text. It does but it wont work if i input numbers. why?

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