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Posted by Martin Jackson on November 10, 2000 at 10:33:21:

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Once you have the line in a variable, you can just check the first character and check to see if it is an 'e' or a 'c'.


procedure processline( aLine : String );
if aLine[1] = 'e' then
// Process event code in here

if aLine[1] = 'c' then
// Process competitor code in here

If you want an example, request by email.

: I need to read a text file with the following content:

: e 1 100m swimming
: e 2 400m swimming
: c 1 1 62000 Albert Chan
: c 1 2 71000 Mary Rey
: c 2 1 54000 David Lung

: Here are two types of record, one is for an event (the first two lines) and the other is for competitor (the last three lines). e and c at the beginning is the indicator.

: How can I read the record from the file line by line and then determine the type of it by the indicator. And then according to its type, read the fields into different variable?

: I would appreciate any comment or suggestion, Thanks a lot.

: Dante

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