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Posted by Joey on May 29, 2004 at 15:47:32:

Heyaz again =D

what i need to know is... how can i find the length of a custom type i have set up in Delphi?

I am wanting to send information via TWSocket and want to send them the data in a record, TMsg which has a Name, Msg var as strings and a Color var as TColor.

//Code for it
TMsg = record
Name, Msg: String;
Color: TColor;

But the function Send in the TWSocket asks for Data as a pointer and Lenght as Integer

function Send(Data: Pointer; Length: Integer): Integer;

so what i did was make a var Msg as TMsg and set the value and used a @ to turn the TMsg into a pointer but.. how do i calculate the length of the TMsg record??

Any help at all would be ace ^__^

Thx in advance. Joey

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