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Posted by webmaster Guido on May 24, 2004

In Reply to: Delphi Datasource mystery posted by Johnny Begood on May 16, 2004

: Is it possibile that a datasource can change state from BROWSE to EDIT without touching the keyboard, with clicking the mouse or without having timers or alarms?
: Well, that's was happening to me! After around 2 minutes my application starts, without doing NOTHING, that god-blessed datasource changes state by herself!
: Does anyone have an explanation?

The state changes from dsBrowse to dsEdit only in two cases: when a user starts editing a field in a data-aware control, or when your code gives an edit-command, such as Table.Edit.

In your case, the reason(s) for the strange behavior can be:

- maybe there is some code in your application that you over looked? To be sure, make a small test program using only the same table and some code to test the dataset state changes, and gradually add stuff to the testprogram until the state changes appear.

- or your table is on a server and another computer is accessing the table?

- or maybe there is an external program that sends keystrokes to your application (virus? trojan horse? some other background application?)

- or you have a hardware problem, possibly a memory error?

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