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Posted by webmaster Guido on May 21, 2004

In Reply to: Delphi Dialogs posted by joey on May 16, 2004

: How can i make my own dialog?? I have done it with forms, i mean so that i can call it from any where under the same sort of thing as a normal one so it could be:

: if joeydialog1.execute then
: begin
: ShowMessage(joeydialog1.username);
: etc...
: end;

: is there a way to this??

What you describe, is the "normal" way to show your own dialog: add a form "MyDialog" to your project, and call its Execute function from locations in your code where you need it.

Does your question mean is there *another* way to do this? Or if you want to know in detail how the code would be for this "normal" way, have a look at DelphiLand's article Build your own Dialogs

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