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Posted by Martin Jackson on October 29, 2000 at 22:59:00:

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You will need to create a TRegistry object. From there, you have all of the functionality you need for writing keys and values into the registry.

procedure WriteRegistryValue( aKeyName : String; aValue : String );
l_Registry : TRegistry
l_Registry := TRegistry.create;
l_Registry.rootkey := HKEY_CURRENT_USER
if l_Registry.openkey( '\Software\super Software\ddddd', True ) then
l_Registry.writestring( 'Key', 'fdgdggnAgh..' );

The openkey method takes two parameters. The first is the key name, and the second is a boolean value which specifies whether you want the key to be created if it doesn't exist. The method returns a boolean value which tells you whether the operation was successful or not.

You must remember to free the registry object off when you have finished with it, and you must also include the 'registry' unit in the uses clau se of the unit header.

: How can i make a command thets writes into registry something like [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\super Software\ddddd]
: "Key"="fdgfdggnAghjh/ggjghj/ghj/+8Shc="
: when i press a button.

: And is't posible to convert an litlle program from binnary to sourse code if i know what compiler were used etc.?
: thx fo help

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