Reading a file?

Posted by Denis on October 27, 2000 at 04:14:08:

How can I make a loop thats works this way:
for example I have a text file with this lines inside

BiBlio q.w.e.r.f dsfsdfsdf
Biblio2 s.dfds.fs twertwr43
(the text file contains 2 section Test and Biblio separated with "----")
and i want when I press a button named Test on form, the program reads 2nd section of file
and insert each line one by one in cells on StringGrid (the stinggrid has 3 columns and
each line must be inserted like this :

1st Column | 2nd Column | 3rd Column |
Biblio     | q.w.e.r.f  | dsfsdfsdf  |
Biblio2    | .........  | .......... |
end so on...
So how can i make this happen? Maybe with some kind of loop that reads the lines in file
from some starting point and until it reach some end point.

thx for support.

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