Re: retrieve Windows group membership in Delphi

Posted by webmaster Guido on April 12, 2004
In Reply to: retrieve Windows group membership posted by 22160 Stefan Loeners on April 12, 2004

: Would anyone know, please, how to find out what groups the current XPPro user is a member of?

Info about session-related API-functions can be found in the "Win32 Programmer's Reference" help file:

NetSessionEnum: provides information about all current sessions.
NetSessionDel: ends a session between a server and a workstation.
NetFileEnum: supplies information about some or all open files on a server, allowing the user to supply a resume handle and get required information through repeated calls to the function.

For starters, you could look up these functions and related topics in the Win32 API help-file.

From what I've seen until now, it's quite complicated stuff, and I can't find any code examples. A few links to give you an idea:




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