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Posted by webmaster Guido on March 24, 2004 at 16:48:46:

In Reply to: Re: Problem posted by Lionel on March 24, 2004 at 03:08:51:

: : I have sent it again, let me know if you didn't get it.
: : Guido

: **********************************
: I think we got a problem and at this point I don't know how to go around it. My ISP has blocked all Zip attachments by configuring the servers to reject any incoming or outgoing e-mail messages containing ZIP files.
: If you sent the example as an attachment with a .zip extension, then this may be the problem.?? I sure would like to see the example you came up with but like I said at the start, I don't know how to get around it. Any thoughts on this??
: Lionel

Yes, I received a message from your mail server, saying that my e-mail was rejected because of a "Bagle" virus in the attached ZIP file. That's impossible, because the attached file only contained data files: DFM, PAS, DPR and DB.

Solution: I've uploaded the ZIP-file to somewhere on the Net, the download location is in an email I've sent to you :)
Let me know via the Forum how it worked out.

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