Using a Delphi Array and MS/Access DB to store and retrieve data

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Posted by Lionel Joyner P12219 on March 14, 2004 at 19:16:18:

I have search the WWW trying to find an example that would fit what I am trying to do but I may be headed in the wrong direction and need an example to work with to set my direction.
1) I have a Number(Dist) and a Trig Function(Cos(X)and want to compute the (Y)Coordinate and then compute the (X) Coordinate by multiplying the Number(Dist) by the (Sin(X) The results for the first leg would be a ((+/-Y),(+/-X)) Coordinate.
2) Repeat the above and compute the coordinates for a second leg((+/-Y),(+/-X))
3)Each set of coordinates need to be stored and available for recall using M/SAccess

I have thought about trying to set this up in a grid but have not been able to get anywhere and then I looked at trying to set it up in an array with a repeat loop but have not accomplished much because I don't know what I am doing (-;

An example (array with two legs in a repeat loop plus leg results storage in a DB) would be most helpful.
Your suggestions would be appreciated.

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