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Posted by creeek

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It failed when I tried it, I have been working on it since (almost!)... cant believe how easy it was!

added ONE line at the end:


This now updates the graphical folder AND adds the '+' and when you click the '+', no exception errors!!!

a couple of other comments, dont see that it needs the line:
: SetCurrentDir(TmpS); // not needed

: if CreateDir(Edit1.Text) = False then

should be
if CreateDir(Edit1.Text+'\NewFolder') = False then

which I presume was a typo.

Anyway.... hopefully this is of use to others

My delete function works OK, BUT in windows 2k, I found that my program shows the deleted folder (cant accces it) until the exe file is closed, I will get to the bottom of this! Works OK in Win98. I use RemoveDir();

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