Re: Creating a Folder in ShellTreeView

Posted by Joey on March 01, 2004

In Reply to: Creating a Folder in ShellTreeView posted by creeek on March 01, 2004

This code is tested and works fine :D if i understud rite what u wanted ;)

I used a TShellTreeView and a TEdit to get get the new directorys name!

  TmpS: String;
  Tmps := ShellTreeView1.Path;
  if TmpS[Length(TmpS)] = '\' then
    TmpS := TmpS
    TmpS := TmpS + '\';
  if CreateDir(Edit1.Text) = False then
    MessageDlg('Error in directory creation: ' + IntToStr(GetLastError),mtError,[mbOk],0)
    MessageDlg('New Directory Created: ' + TmpS+Edit1.Text,mtConfirmation,[mbOk],0);

this will give a message on an error and a confirmation if the dir is created :D

hope it helps! if not, say ;)

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