Re: Delphi StringList and ListBox limits

Posted by webmaster Guido on September 01, 2000

In Reply to: Delphi StringList and ListBox limits posted by p11215 James on September 01, 2000:

: What are the limits for a StringList and for a ListBox?
32bit-Delphi versions (D2, D3,...D7):
- there's no theoretical limit for a StringList, not for the amount of items nor for the length of each item;
- a ListBox can have 32K items and each item can be of any length. But Windows will say "out of resources" when items*itemlength is too big. Example: a Win98 system with D4 stopped with a ListBox of about 8000 items, each 2 KB long.
16bit-Delphi (the old D1): a StringList is limited to 64K items and a ListBox can have 16K items. Each item is a "short string" (256 bytes maximum).

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