Re: where can i find delphi compiler

Posted by JITENDER VERMA on February 02, 2004

In Reply to: Re: where can i find delphi compiler posted by Rbrrneck on June 02, 2003

: : i want to learn delphi language and i am looking for freedelphi ompiler.
: : so i want alink to web site to download it free.
: : if sombody can help me please send me the answer by mail to

: Hmm I don't quite get what you mean under "delphi compiler"... if you mean a free version of delphi, you can get one at, download the open(personal) version... let me clarify things for you, delphi ISN'T a programing language, it's a IDE(integrated development environment) with it's own PASCAL compiler! maybe you need a pascal compiler? try one out at .Hope this helps.

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